Olana: the 250-acre integrated environment of famed Hudson River School Painter Frederic Edwin Church: Art, Architecture, Landscape, Farm and Views
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Richard T. Sharp
Vice Chair:
Stuart Breslow
Vice Chair:
David B. Forer
Vice Chair:
David N. Redden
Vice Chair:
Susan Winokur
Richard N. McCarthy
Corresponding Secretary:
Margaret Davidson              Recording Secretary:       Janet R. Schnitzer

Immediate Past Chair:

Washburn S. Oberwager

Laurel Acevedo
Stephen Clearman
Will Cotton 
Rebecca Desman 
David de Weese
Anna May Feige
Meyer S. Frucher
Phoebe Gubelmann
Tantivy Gubelmann             Christine Jones
Meredith Kane
Belinda Kaye
Robin M. Key
Joseph A. Pierson               Monica Ray                     Theodora Simons
Stephanie Zhang
Karen Zukowski

Sara Johns Griffen
Washburn and Susan Oberwager President

Kimberly Flook
Site Manager, Olana S.H.S

Olana National Advisory Committee
Leslie Greene Bowman
Elizabeth Broun
Bonnie Burnham
Stephen Hannock
Barry R. Harwood
Inge Heckel
Valerie Hegarty
John K. Howat
Franklin Kelly
George McDaniel
Laurie Norton Moffatt
Elizabeth Barlow Rogers
David Schuyler
Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.
Elliot S. Vesell
Alec Webb

Olana National Council
Stuart P. Feld
Marshall Field, V
John K. Howat
Gretchen Johnson
James L. Johnson
James H. Ottaway, Jr.
Mark F. Rockefeller

Olana State Historic Site
5720 State Route 9G
Hudson, New York 12534
Phone/Reservations: 518-828-0135
Fax: 518-828-6742

Kimberly Flook, Historic Site Manager
518-828-0135 ext 303

The Olana Partnership

P.O. Box 199
Hudson, New York 12534
Phone: 518-828-1872
Fax: 518-828-1793

Sara Johns Griffen, President
518-828-1872 ext 106

Mary Curran, Administrative Assistant
518-828-1872 ext 100

Curatorial Department

Evelyn Trebilcock, Curator
518-828-0135 ext 302

Valerie Balint, Associate Curator
518-828-0135 ext 314

Ida Brier, Librarian/Archivist
518-828-0135 ext 313 

Mark Prezorski, Landscape Curator
518-828-1872 ext 108
Membership and Development Office

Erin Gilbert, Vice President for Development
518-828-1872 ext 101

Director of Membership and Community Relations 
518-828-1872 ext 102

Melanie Hasbrook, Development and Marketing Communications Manager
518-828-1872 ext 103 

Financial Office
Betsy Henson, Financial Manager
518-828-1872 ext 107 

Farm Complex Educational Programs
Sarah Hasbrook, Education Coordinator
518-828-1872 ext 109
The Museum Store at Olana
Rachel Patton, Store Manager
518-828-1872 ext 104 (office)
518-822-1877 (store)


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4.5" x 4.5" silver-plated frame suitable for a 2.5" x 2.5" photo. The floral design is based on a painted window decoration used around the house. Gift boxed.

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