Teresita Fernández confronts Frederic Church at Olana
A collaboration with the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

May 14-November 5, 2017
Olana State Historic Site

The Olana Partnership is pleased to announce the 2017 featured exhibition, “OVERLOOK” a groundbreaking installation by Artist Teresita Fernández.  Working with Guest Curator Sara Meadows, Fernández draws from the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC) and the Olana Collection to reexamine Frederic Church and his contemporaries’ response to the cultures and landscapes experienced during their Latin American travels.  “OVERLOOK” features The Olana Partnership’s largest loan exhibition with 55 works from CPPC including “Penetrable” by Jesus Rafael Soto which will be sited within Olana’s designed historic landscape and 18 site specific works by Fernández.  Visitors will have the opportunity to explore Fernández’s response and draw their own conclusions through this thought provoking site-specific installation.

Featuring artist Teresita Fernández and guest curator Sara Meadows

The Traveler Artists included are Frederic Church, Martin Johnson Heade, Fritz Melbye, Marianne North, Auguste Morisot, José María Velasco, Alessandro Ciccareli, Frans Jansz Post, Norton Bush, R.N. Captain Seymour, Anton Goering and Robert Ker Porter.

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