Meena Mahal Half Jackets

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half jacket

Meena Mahal Half Jackets



Product Description

There are three different designs for the half jackets: Green and Brown, Brown and Gold, and Blue and White.

The sizing for these jackets are as followed:Green and Brown M,L, Brown and Gold L, and Blue and White M.

Meena Mahal hopes the product speaks volumes about the intense effort put into every aspect of its creation, while accepting that natural flaws add to its novelty and charm. By engaging dedicated artisans in fair trade practices and providing sustainable income, Meena Mahal is committed to ethical & slow fashion principles.

Poetic Threads aims to present a different face of residents’ social lives by highlighting the area’s ancient, rich and dynamic culture. Through their work with individual artisans, women’s cooperatives and local organizations, Poetic Threads helps empower the local residents affected by the conflict, social and economic instability, and promote intercultural dialogue on an international level while maintaining their commitment to ethical business practices.

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