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GIVE: Ways to Give

Many donors wish they could do more to help The Olana Partnership. We are often able to work with these donors and their advisers to create larger gifts than they thought possible. There are many ways to make a gift to Olana.

Cash or check
is the simplest form of gift to make. This gift entitles you to the largest tax deduction possible: up to 50 percent of your adjustable gross income for the year, with a five-year carry-over of excess deductions. Print a simple donor form or donate online.

American Express GivingExpress
is a user-friendly donation site for American Express cardmembers that offers a convenient way to donate. By making your donation through the GivingExpress® program from American Express, you can also gain Membership Rewards® points or other benefits.
Go to The Olana Partnership's donation page on the GivingExpress program website »

GoodSearch provides financial benefits to The Olana Partnership with every online search or purchase
Go to The Olana Partnership's GoodSearch page, download the toolbar and get started »

The Olana Partnership is participating in an exciting new fundraising program. The Olana Partnership now has its own website featuring thousands of partner stores like Walmart, JCPenney, Best Buy, Apple, Home Depot and many more. When you make a purchase, Olana receives royalties and you earn up to 35% cash back on qualified purchases.
Read more about how Market America can benefit both you and The Olana Partnership »
Go to The Olana Partnership donation page on the Market America website »

PayPal - make your gift by clicking the button below.

Securities or stocks
held more than one year that have gone up in value are extremely effective gifts. You are entitled to deductions for the fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift, and you pay no tax on the capital gain value of the gift shares. A deduction of up to 30 percent of your adjustable gross income is available, with excess deductions carried over a five-year period.

Planned Giving

Real estate
offers you several creative ways to help Olana. Outright transfers, trusts, gifts of remainder interests, bargain sales, and gifts of fractional interests are possible. The tax treatment is similar to that for appreciated stock gifts.

A bequest in your will naming The Olana Partnership as a recipient of a portion of your estate is another option. It is flexible, private, and easy. A bequest may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage or fraction of your estate, or it may take the form of a trust. The taxable amount of your estate is reduced by the value of any charitable bequests. If you are seventy-five years of age or older, The Olana Partnership will honor your intentions to provide a charitable bequest to the Partnership by giving full gift credit for the documented value of your bequest.  For bequest language please click

Life Income Agreements (trusts, gift annuities, and pooled income funds) can often be used as a way of sheltering assets that will pay income for life to you or anyone you name, with future benefit to Olana. You will receive a deduction for the value of Olana's interest.

Retirement Funds are another means of benefiting Olana. Naming Olana as a beneficiary of all or part of an IRA or other retirement plan can achieve both estate tax and income tax savings. The Olana Partnership, as a 501 (c) 3 organization, will not pay income tax, and your heirs will receive their share of your estate without the burden of more taxes.

For more information about how you can support The Olana Partnership, please call 518-828-1872
or write to:

The Olana Partnership
P.O. Box 199
Hudson, NY 12534

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