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Saturday May 26 – Olana’s First Ever Facebook Book Club Launches

If you are on Facebook,  join Olana’s first ever dynamic, interactive, virtual book club. This online book club will include occasional appearances from the author and TOP educators. TOP will launch this online book club with the newly published book Embattled River: The Hudson and Modern American Environmentalism, by David Schuyler.


ABOUT the BOOK: Embattled River describes the efforts to reverse the pollution and bleak future of the Hudson River that became evident in the 1950s. Through his investigative narrative, Schuyler uncovers the critical role of this iconic American waterway in the emergence of modern environmentalism in the United States. Writing fifty-five years after Consolidated Edison announced plans to construct a pumped storage power plant at Storm King Mountain, Schuyler recounts how a loose coalition of activists took on corporate capitalism and defended the river. Led by Scenic Hudson, later joined by groups such as Riverkeeper, Clearwater, the Hudson River Valley Greenway, and the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, the coalition won the first of many legal and publicity battles that would halt pollution of the river, slowly reverse the damage of years of discharge into the river, and protect hundreds of thousands of acres of undeveloped land in the river valley. With these legal and regulatory means, the contest between environmental advocates and corporate power has continued well into the twenty-first century. Indeed, as Embattled River shows, the past is prologue. The struggle to control the uses and maintain the ecological health of the Hudson River persists and the stories of the pioneering advocates told by Schuyler provide lessons, reminders, and inspiration for today’s activists. Order your copy through the Olana Museum Store to support Olana and see you online on the 26th.

May 26-August 31  |  Location: ONLINE  |  FREE  |  Ages 15+

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