The Campaign to Save Olana, 1964-1966


The Olana Partnership salutes the many individuals who contributed in so many different ways to ensure that Frederic Church’s Olana was preserved for future generations.  We welcome additions to this list as we celebrate and learn from the 50th anniversary of this nationally significant preservation story.

Alexander Aldrich
J. Winthrop Aldrich
Raymond Beecher
Fritzi Bellamy
Jimmy Biddle
Mary Ann Bikes
Lloyd Boice
Albert S. and Ginny Callan
Mr. and Mrs. Lammot duPont Copeland
Betty Cuningham
Audrey and Stephen Currier
Helen Dago
Henri Dauman
Henry F. DuPont
Elizabeth Elliot
Stuart Feld
Mahmoud Foroughi
Ruby Funk
Mary Ginouves
Alice Gold
Jim Hamilton
Inge Heckel
August Heckscher

Mrs. Lytle Hull
David Huntington
Ada Louise Huxtable
Philip Johnson
Louis C. Jones
Don Karshan
Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.
Jacqueline Kennedy
Raymond Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Lincoln Kirstein
Ruth Kramer
Gustav Kramer
Clarence Lane
Charles T. Lark, Jr.
Mark Lawton
Henry and Maria Livingston
Henry R Luce
Russell Lynes
Mary Mazzacano
Frank Wells McCabe
J. William Middendorf, III
Wendover and Jinny Neefus

Lloyd Newcombe
Frederick Henry Osborn
Mrs. William H. Osborn
William Parsons
Louis Pierro
Roland Redmond
Joseph Resnick
Norman Rice
E.P. Richardson
Laurance Rockefeller
Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller
Christian Rohlfing
James Rorimer
Edith Saville
David W. Scott
Vincent Scully
Whitney North Seymour, Jr.
Russ Sigler
Kay Stearns
Mrs. Kempner Thorne
Carl Weinhardt, Jr
Conrad Wirth
Richard Wunder

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