Floral Door Panel Design Marble Coaster

Floral Door Panel Design Marble Coaster




This coaster is based on a detail from the stenciled border which graces most of the interior doors at Olana.  Church used stencil patterns of is design throughout the interiors and exteriors of his Persian-inspired house.  The artist drew from ornamentation he saw while traveling in the Middle East throughout 1868, and from books he collected on Persian architecture, which remain in the Olana historic library collection.  In this instance the design can be traced to an illustrated lithographic plate in the book Les Artes Arabes (1868) by Jules Bourgoin.  The source for the pattern illustrated in this book is from the door of the Church of St. Jacques of Armenia in Jerusalem (a 12th-century building which still stands in the American quarter of the city).  For is interpretation of the pattern, Frederic Church used metallic paints to create reflection on the door surface.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 in
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