Guided Exhibition Tour – Chasing Icebergs: Art and a Disappearing Landscape

This 30-minute guided exhibition tour invites you to the second-floor galleries of the Artist’s House to experience Olana’s first winter exhibition, “Chasing Icebergs: Art and a Disappearing Landscape.” In the summer of 1859, Frederic Church set sail for the waters of Newfoundland and Labrador, hoping to capture the challenging light, color, and wondrous forms of Arctic ice. This voyage was the first of its kind for an American artist, and Church’s artistic interest in the Arctic North would continue in his work for decades. “Chasing Icebergs” brings many of Church’s iceberg works to Olana’s galleries for the very first time, and pairs these with paintings, photographs, and books that Church collected on the subject of Arctic ice. The exhibition includes work by contemporary artists that speak to the political, social, and environmental impact of these landscapes in both the 19th century and our current moment. “Chasing Icebergs” is currently only available for viewing via guided tour. This tour requires several flights of stairs and is not-ADA accessible.  Click here to learn more about the exhibition.
Free for Artist Circle Members+ TICKETS