Friday – Wednesday Tickets


When booking multiple tours, please leave at least a 15-minute gap between scheduled ending and starting times.


The Artist-Designed Landscape (60 minutes)

This guided, one mile-long walking tour provides an introduction to Olana’s naturalistic, designed landscape and to Frederic Church’s work as an artist, landscape designer, and environmental visionary. Remarkably intact, this National Historic Landmark is a 250-acre composition integrating architectural and landscape features, including a working farm, man-made lake, replanted native woodlands, and more than five miles of carriage roads. Experience Church’s living landscape masterwork against a backdrop of sublime and far-reaching views of the Hudson Valley. This fully-exterior tour covers approximately one mile over unpaved roads, and is not ADA accessible.

$12 Adult | Free for Members




The Olana Electric Vehicle Tour (60 minutes)
The Olana Electric Vehicle tour is the ultimate Olana experience. This guided driving tour, along 5 miles of Frederic Church’s designed carriage roads, provides the most comprehensive exploration of Olana as a 250-acre masterwork of American landscape design. Experience river and mountain views, journey around the lake, and enjoy sweeping vistas of the Church’s designed farm and park. End your journey along the original historic approach road, taking in the exterior architecture of the Main House just as guests of Frederic Church once did.

$40 Adult




The Olana Electric Vehicle Tour (30 minutes)
This concise guided driving tour offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Olana’s artist-designed landscape. Discover the history of this masterwork of American landscape design, and enjoy sweeping vistas of the Church’s designed farm and park.

$20 Adult




The Artist’s House: First Floor (45 minutes)

This 45-minute guided tour provides an introduction to Frederic Church’s home at Olana. Approach and enter the Main House as guests of the Church family did, experiencing sweeping views of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. Explore the art-filled, lavishly decorated public rooms of the first floor, including Church’s painting studio and learn about the work and life of America’s preeminent landscape artist. This tour is fully ADA accessible.

$20 Adult | Free for Members $125+




The Artist’s House: Second Floor and Servants’ Quarters (30 minutes)

Enhance your experience at Olana with this 30-minute guided tour, offering access to the private spaces of Olana’s Main House. Enter through the service entrance and ascend the back staircase to learn more about the Churches’ domestic staff and the operation of the household. Then explore the Church family’s private quarters from the perspective of family members and intimate guests. This tour requires two flights of stairs and is not ADA accessible, and is best experienced in combination with “The Artist’s House: First Floor” tour.

$10 Adult | Free for Members $125+




The Artist’s House: Explore at Your Own Pace (Friday – Sunday ONLY)

Discover the treasures of Olana’s Main House in your own time and style. This self-guided tour provides access to both the first and second floors of the Main House, beginning with an introduction to Olana and Frederic Church as you walk to the front door. Inside, knowledgeable guides are available in each room to provide detailed information about the history and design of the landscape and the Church family’s home at Olana.

Your timed ticket allows for entry to Olana’s Main House only at the time listed on your ticket. The final entry to the Main House is 4 PM. Olana’s Main House closes at 4:30 PM.

$25 Adult | Free for Members $125+



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