From Sketch to Study to Painting: Studying Frederic Church’s Method from en plein air to Studio

FOR: Scalable content for 3rd Grade – High School

$10 per student; free chaperone/teacher for every 10 youth

Frederic E. Church created dozens of studies and sketches outside in the landscape before creating his masterpiece canvases inside. Students will tour Olana, hike the grounds, and study Church’s en plein air art. During this day-long visit, students will take notebooks and drawing boards into the landscape to make art and notations in the style of Church. Then they will choose their favorite drawing and make a study from the sketch, and groups are encouraged to take their en plein air studies and sketches home to continue painting.

Core Learning Standards in Art and History:
Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of human society through a series of activities that expose the inherent relationships between land, shaped land, and how a culture has been influenced by art works. Students will be actively engaged in making art but in order to make they will follow the following core development steps: analyze, interpret, develop, and refine artistic works of art.