Islamic Design: Persian Influence and Geometry at Olana

FOR: 4th-8th Graders

$10 per student; free chaperone/teacher for every 10 youth

Frederic E. Church and his family travelled extensively in the Middle East in the 1860s. His home, Olana, was designed and built just after this trip—so the Hudson River Region boasts a rare glimpse into designs of ancient Persia! During this day-long visit students will tour Olana; then, with sketchbooks in hand, students will hike and sketch geometric designs that combine nature and geometry. Students will spend the afternoon in the Wagon House Education Facility working with drafting tools/rules and Persian design examples (as well as their sketch books) to create original compositions and repeating forms.

Core Learning Standards Art, Mathematics, and History/Social Studies: Students will be asked to observe and analyze designs in terms of geography, shape, proportion, and repetition in a confined border. Students will then formulate problems and solutions from everyday situations seen in regional interior design and architecture. These observations will be translated from a picture/diagram to a numeric expression and then back again. Students will present this design problem verbally, geometrically, and graphically. Students will use a number of tools to develop mathematical proportions and clean geometric compositions. Students will also link their experience to the cultural dimensions of art, they will analyze and study art, and they will make decorative art designs based on certain tools, geometric repetition, spatial parameters, and geographic sensibilities.