Land as a Canvas: Voices from the Land

FOR: PreK-1st Graders (This program can work with a number of Special Education groups)

$10 per student; free chaperone/teacher for every 10 youth

Frederic Church considered Olana (the house and the landscape) his greatest work of art. In this ½ day field trip, students will visit one room inside, tour the building exterior, and enjoy a short hike in the landscape. After exploring, students will make art from found materials in Olana’s landscape. This project originates from the Education & Information Resource Center ( and is designed to turn simple materials, like sticks and leaves, into art supplies, encouraging students to invent in nature.

Core Learning Standards in Art and Science:
Children are active learners. We approach this age group knowing that learning is through purposeful play. During this field trip we encourage participation, involve multiple contexts, and engage the senses that help children explore their environment. The youth will also use materials/props in novel ways to represent ideas, experiment to further his/her knowledge; use multiple approaches to layer clarity and further his/her knowledge Participants will learn based on observations and manipulation of things and events in the environment, and at the end of the experience students will see more than one solution to a situation.



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