Live Virtual Tour

For grades K-12. Explore Olana in or outside the classroom with live, digital instruction. This virtual tour will introduce your students to Frederic Church and his Olana from a distance. Each tour includes exploration of photos, videos, and artworks, live instruction via inquiry-based conversations, and age-appropriate activities. Virtual tours can be tailored to meet specific curriculum goals and classroom needs. All virtual tours are conducted via Zoom but can be adapted for other platforms upon request.

Connections to Core Learning Standards: Students will be asked to observe and analyze images as primary sources, citing specific evidence to articulate reasoning behind their ideas. Questions will be employed to encourage students to analyze how history and artistic ideas interact. Each lesson will incorporate activities designed to challenge students to develop divergent solutions and outcomes.

$5 per student/ $1 per student for schools in Columbia and Greene counties

Each tour serves a maximum of 30 students.

Please email or call Liz Bouyea at 518-567-2170 to determine program and date for your group. Once a date has been identified, you will receive a confirmation email. No inquiry is considered binding until the confirmation email is sent. Live Virtual Tours are available all year long Wednesday-Friday.