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“…a jewel of parks”

“…gorgeous viewsheds”

“…artistic inspiration”

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The park is free and open daily from 8:30 AM to sunset. Olana welcomes all leashed dogs.

“What draws me to Olana is the fascinating combination of history and landscape. There are so many different facets to Olana’s vibrant landscape. As an avid birdwatcher, it’s the perfect place!”

– Martha (Germantown, NY)

“We just moved to Catskill, and instantly fell in love with Olana. Whether it is the views, landscape, architecture, or nature, there’s something to admire everywhere you look at Olana.”

– Cecilia & Gabe (Catskill, NY)

“We’re so glad Olana was recommended to us; it is an incredible attraction. The house is a hidden jewel and the views are unbelievable!”

– Kevin & Enriko (New York, NY)

“Olana’s house and views are outstanding. You can’t miss Olana on your way over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge! This historic site was a must see on our trip to the Hudson Valley.”

– Jay, Michiko, Vincent, & Naoko (New York, NY)

“We decided to make an impromptu stop at Olana and it was a decision we definitely did not regret! There’s an indescribable quality about Olana that really captures the romanticism of the Hudson Valley region, and it quickly becomes apparent why so many artists have been inspired by the region. We’re looking forward to coming back as soon as we can to explore more of the area!”

– Nikil (New York, NY)

“Protecting these incredible 250 acres at Olana State Historic Site has truly been the highlight of my career. We’re extremely lucky to have this place of local history, landscape, and architecture available for our enjoyment seven days a week.”

– Tim Dodge, New York State Parks Supervisor (Taconic Region)

“We walk year-round in all weather, and I especially love seeing the change of seasons, the constant change of light and the spectacular panoramic views. This is my time to get grounded in nature and to catch up with my good friend and fellow business owner, Kim Bach, before I begin a busy – often hectic – work day running my business Talbott & Arding Cheese and Provisions.”

– Kate (Churchtown, NY)

“Olana is a great place to start the day. Here you’ll find the most beautiful carriage roads that meander through the woods and end in incredible views. It reminds me of why I chose to live in the Hudson River Valley!”

– Kim (Hudson, NY)

“Sparky and I love immersing ourselves in Frederic Church’s designed landscape. Unlike one of his paintings, Olana is ever-changing and alive with the sounds of birds, the aromas of wildflowers, and the sensation of swift breezes.  While walking Olana’s carriage roads, I can actually feel what it was like to live in Church’s time.”

– Dorothy (Hudson, NY)

“As a fan of artist Frederic Church, coming to Olana really helped me understand his paintings all the more. Olana’s beauty and vistas must have been an incredible source of inspiration.”

– Kate (New York, NY)

“Olana’s beauty is so well planned. Everywhere we look are great views of the Catskills which makes it a peaceful place for a walk.”

– Ben & Janney (Hillsdale, NY)

“I first saw Olana from a distance when crossing the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and wondered what this place was. Now, after exploring the Hudson Valley and Olana, it is my ideal getaway. “

– Leila (Livingston, NY)

“We love the way the house at Olana complements the landscape. It all comes together as an incredible art piece of Frederic Church.”

– Jessica & Leah (Germantown, NY)

“I’ve loved Olana forever. It’s a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Olana is my nature fix.”

– Bonnie (Clinton Corners, NY)

“We love the views and variety of landscape and vistas at Olana. Walking here is a welcome relief during these unusual times.”

– Lester Burg (Shokan, NY)

“Olana is a place where we can come together while social distancing. The dogs appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the feeling of freedom as much as we do.”

– Rachel, Jessica, Kaylyn (Catskill, NY)

“Olana is a source of quiet refuge and a chance to be in nature, a safe space. Walking at Olana is a new discovery every time we go, whether it’s finding a new trail, a beautiful old tree, or just an incredible view of the sky and clouds. You see the intention and design that Frederic Church envisioned the visitor to experience.”

– Joyce (Catskill, NY)

“When I first moved to the Hudson Valley, someone told me that I must come to see Olana! For me, Olana has become an oasis on the Hudson, where Ohana and I find our enjoyment together.”

– Shakai (Germantown, NY)

“Olana is a really nice escape for us, one with beautiful surroundings to get lost in.”

– Chelsey (Hudson, NY)

“Whenever I have house guests, I encourage them to visit Olana; it’s like required reading. Olana captures what the Hudson River Valley and the Hudson River School of Art is all about. Much like Church, Olana’s light, landscape, and gorgeous viewsheds from all different vantage points inspire my work as a designer.”

– Sheila Bridges (Livingston, NY)

“Since moving to the area, I come to Olana almost every day to walk. To me, Olana is an artist’s estate that’s beautifully landscaped and maintained; almost like a mini Central Park!”

– Lucy (Germantown, NY)

“We’ve been coming to Olana to walk the carriage roads for over 25 years, and we’re still amazed by these 360-degree views. Coming to Olana really allows you to experience Frederic Church’s artistic inspiration.”

– Tim & Laura (Philmont, NY)

“I’ve been coming to Olana for 13 years. I enjoy how diverse Olana is in its views, carriage roads, and changing seasons. In the past 2 years, Olana has undergone so much great change making it even more significant to our region.”

– Julia (Germantown, NY)

“I’ve worked in Hudson for 30 years and Olana is our community’s Hudson River home. Olana is so important to the health of our town. Olana, Thomas Cole, and the Hudson River Skywalk are all connected to this region’s amazing evolution.”

– Frank (Hillsdale, NY)

“For me, Olana is a staple of the Hudson Valley. It’s full of history and inclusive of families and of course, dogs!”

– Lindsay (Cairo, NY)

“One of our first dates was at Olana which is why walking Molly here is one of our favorite things to do. Olana is beautiful year-round and we visit in all seasons, but fall is our favorite season since we got engaged here in October 2016! Of course, Molly was with us during that unforgettable moment.”

– Ryan & Meghan (Niskayuna, NY)

“We’re avid hikers who have been coming to Olana for over 8 years. What really sets Olana apart from other places is the breathtaking views.”

– Kelly & Tim (Germantown, NY)

“Olana’s 250-acres is its best feature. Frederic Church’s artist-designed landscape is just as interesting as the house. In a way, the dogs and people who walk here often become part of the design.”

– John (Windham, NY)

“Olana’s spectacular views from all different vantage points keep me coming back. I feel like I’ve explored every inch of Olana!”

– Laurie (Germantown, NY)

“Walking the carriage roads of Olana in the early morning is our meditation time. The grounds are lovely and the staff does a remarkably good job of maintaining the carriage roads. Whatever the weather, Zen and I are here!”

– Lori (Catskill, NY)

“Olana is Frederic Church’s landscape painting made three dimensional. It really is the pinnacle of his art and a jewel of parks.”

– Arthur (Coxsackie, NY)

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the way Olana’s landscape opens up in the late fall and wintertime. It’s totally different; You see so much farther.”

– Rhodes (Hudson, NY)

“You always discover new things when you walk here at Olana. I discover new views, new paths, new plants all year round. The landscape is always changing, depending on the season.”

– Niva (Catskill, NY)

“I always wonder what people who drive up Olana’s hill for the first time think. I wish I could go back in time and experience that feeling of visiting for the very first time.”

– Heather (Catskill, NY)