360 Landscape Overview

You can select sites within this gigapanoramic landscape overview by clicking on the options in the left menu, pin locations within any of the views, or in the ground plan. At each point, you can navigate around high-resolution imagery that gives a sense of the interconnectedness of this environment. Click and drag to rotate any direction and zoom in and out using your mouse’s track ball or the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the display. As an added bonus, explore key views in the Main House excerpted from our comprehensive Matterport 360-degree imaging of the Court Hall and the view from the top of the Crow’s Nest atop the Bell Tower. Drag and zoom in the same way as the gigapan overview. Additional displays are available in the lower left. Use the 3D “dollhouse” view showing all the imaged interior spaces to rotate the full main house. Make sure to look for the special pin that takes you to the view from the Crow’s Nest! This imaging was funded by a grant from Art Bridges and was conducted by Hudson Virtual Tours with Chase Pierson

Both these imaging projects were funded by a grant from the Art Bridges Foundation.