In-Depth OLANA: Landscape & Viewshed Walk and Historic Interiors Tour

Immerse yourself in Frederic Church’s greatest masterpiece, the artful landscape he designed over four decades. Learn about Church’s approach to landscape as the preeminent artist of the Hudson River School and an early environmental advocate (one mile of easy walking). Explore the first and second floor of Olana’s Main House historic interiors and collections that tell the story of Frederic Church’s leading role in America’s first art movement, as well as that of his family life and the travels that inspired Olana’s architecture.

*Not available on Mondays*
Please note: This tour accesses the second floor, which is not ADA accessible. With advance notice, alternative accommodations may be made for guests who cannot access this floor.

Please read our Group Tour Policies and Guidelines


This tour is approximately 2 hours Tuesday-Friday: $35/person, 20 guest or $700 minimum Saturday-Sunday: $70/person or $1,400 minimum $100 non-refundable deposit required, to be applied to your balance due upon arrival. book tour