The Churches’ Middle Eastern Adventure

Frederic's Tour

Performed by Jim Fragione

Isabel's Tour

Performed by Anne Undeland

Time: A two-part series of 1 hour long dramatic readings

As part of a larger digital humanities program in development at Olana, the 2018 audio tour links to themes in
the 2018 exhibition, Costume & Custom: Middle Eastern Threads at Olana. This tour is designed to illuminate
the travels that inspired the design of Olana and many works of art by Frederic Church for years to come. This audio tour creates access to the voices and experiences of the Churches while traveling through many regions of the Middle East.

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Thank you Wave Farm/WGXC, NY Parks & Trails, and members of The Olana Partnership for making the audio recording possible and for Henri Scars Struck for donating his original score and lllusha Tsinazde & Company for sharing the music for the Middle Eastern tour. Copyright TOP 2018.

Image Credit for Frederic Church’s Tour: Felix Bonfils [attributed], Frederic Edwin Church and His Son, Frederic Joseph, in Beirut, 1868, carte-de-visite, 4 7/8×3 3/8 in., Collection of NYSOPRHP Olana State Historic Site