SATURDAY, August 14, 2021
12:00 – 5:00 PM
Rain or shine 

A self-guided outdoor exploration of private landscapes with singular views on both sides of the Hudson River, all within five miles of Frederic Church’s Olana.  Feast on a gourmet picnic lunch, with Talbott & Arding, and experience the sublime views which inspired Frederic Church.  

The selected properties include protected scenic landscapes and working farms, and the tour locations feature historic and contemporary architecture set against dramatic backdrops of the Catskill Mountains, the Hudson River, and Olana.

Supporter tickets are very limited

Two additional offers for higher level supporters

  1. Supporters at the $1,500 level and above will be invited to visit an additional property which, like Olana, offers an over-the-top setting and view. (This level is still available)
  2. Supporters at the $2,500 level and above will also be invited to a private cocktail event at a spectacular home on Saturday, September 18.
    (SOLD OUT: These levels are no longer available.)


Author Brooke Allen and architectural photographer Peter Aaron, neighbors of Olana.


Panorama Patrons — $5,000 

Regina Aldisert
Joe Baker
Renee & Stephen Clearman
Henry & Susan Livingston
David & Susan Rockefeller

Scene Society– $2,500

Phebe & George Banta
Margaret Davidson & John Stein
Pat Doudna
Kristin Gamble
Carlos Gonzalez & Kathy Stewart
Erin Hawker & Jonathan Furay
Jack A. & Mary Ellen Higbee
Meredith Kane & Richard Sharp
Robin & David Key
Nancy Kyle & Jack B. Fraser
James LaForce & Stephen Henderson
Ricky Lark, Ph.D. & Rickey Shaum
Ricky & Beth Mason
Rick McCarthy & Jean Hamilton
Lynn & Nick Nicholas
Allan & Julie Flicker Shope
Eric & Constance Silverman
Jane Smith
TKG Real Estate
Kay & Maynard Toll
Pamela & Sedgwick Ward
Helen & Peter Warwick
Joanne Witty & Eugene Keilin
Karen Zukowski & David Diamond

Vista League — $1,500

Architecture Research Office
Stuart Breslow & Anne Miller
Jamie Carano & Philip Nordenström
Sarah D. Coffin & Thomas O’Connor
Jane & Patrick Curley
Rosalind Daly & Glenda Ruby
Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc.
Olivia J. Fussell
Jan & Lester Greenberg
Marjorie & Gurnee Hart
Christine Jones & Bert Goldfinger
Bindy & Stephen Kaye
Tom Krizmanic
Isabel Church Livingston
Janet & David Offensend
Erik Piecuch & Alex Wright
Debra Pollard
Radio Woodstock 101.1 WDST
Deborah Roberts & Al Roker
Adam R. Rose & Peter R. McQuillan
Leslie Vosshall & Kevin Lee

Prospect Circle — $500

Paul Barrett
B.E.D. Branded Environmental Design
J. Goodwin Bland & Michael Katovitz
Barbara & Chip Bohl
Sheila Bridges
Adrian Bryan-Brown & Joan Marcus
Marc Bryan-Brown & Florie Seery
Bonnie Burnham
Sue Chapman & Robert Brooke
Eliza Childs & Will Melton
Columbia Memorial Health
Deconstruction, Inc.
Andrew Dolkart
Carlee & Michael Drummer
Marcia & Jess Fardella
Linda S. Ferber & Joel B. Berson
Richard Fitch
Prudence Heisler
Gary O. Holder & Todd M. Whitley
Lisa Fox Martin
Max Friedman & Tom Romich
Sloane Ginsberg
Conrad & Brendan Hanson-Kelly
Debra Kaye & Steven Horowitz
Judith Keefer
Kathryn Kiewel & Elliot Hurwitz
Anne Landsman & James Wagman
Nina & Tim Lannan
Richard & Elizabeth Livingston
Martha Moran & George Meyer
Emily Sachar & Joel Gordin
Sean Sawyer & Michael Susi
Janet Schnitzer
Joseph Sniado & Michael Moy
Williams Lumber & Home Centers
Gail Wittwer-Laird & Joshua R. Laird
Kate Wood & David Sprouls
Linda Yowell & Richard Zuckerman

Sponsors (in formation)


© Aerial View of Olana by Peter Aaron/OTTO